2020 Georgia vs Kentucky

This is a very intriguing line to me after we’ve watched these two teams up to this point. Georgia is fresh of an off/bye week where they lost to Alabama. Georgia will have had two weeks to stew over their poor second half performance and the matchup really favors them. That Kentucky offense has really struggled as of late, including really pitiful performances a couple of weeks ago against Mississippi State and last week against Missouri. Georgia’s really not going to make it easier on them, like I said, fresh off a poor second half against Alabama. However, the Kentucky defense is going to keep us from bumping our bet up any more as they’ve proven to be opportunistic and force turnovers extremely well. I’d be concerned there had they not turned it over a bunch against Alabama so I expect a clean performance on that side of the ball too. I don’t think you need the half point but I typically do on key numbers if I can get -120.

Georgia -14 (-120) – 3.5 % Bankroll Wager

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