2020 Miami vs Louisville

We should have a more complete week of games next week but there’s still a little value still left of the board this week. Miami and Louisville turns out to be the prime time game this week so enjoy being able to get a bet on the big game! It feels like a lot of positive indicators in Miami’s favor this time around. Miami didn’t look overly impressive against UAB week one but who has looked good in week one thus far? In year’s past I love watching solid defenses play week in and week out because they are so few and far between in the game today but it always travels. We don’t know that Miami is a team to have that type of defense but I’m leaning they are above average in 2020. This in combination with King getting his second start with Miami makes me lean Miami finds a small upset this week. Louisville offense looked great last week against WKU but we’re expecting a big difference in talent in comparison this week, hopefully Miami can get the pressure we expect them to. Finally, the line has sat on +2.5 nearly all week without getting to +3 which I’ve anecdotally favors the underdog. It wouldn’t surprise me if this line bumped up to 3 tomorrow morning but I don’t anticipate it staying there long as the Miami money that’s out there is waiting for either 3 or a late ML bet on Miami. I’m not above buying the half point up to 3 on rare occasions, this is one if you’re looking for action and not wanting to line hunt. If you are I don’t see a problem with the Miami ML if it never gets to 3.

Miami, Fl +3 (-130) – 1.5% Bankroll Wager 

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