2020 Miami vs Virginia Tech

Miami is another one of the teams that have really been perplexing this year. We’ve seen flashes of them being a solid team and other times where they look more like the old Miami you’d expect to see. With that said it feels like we’ve had  both of these two teams pegged pretty well the past few weeks. We expected NC State to push Miami and they did so, we expected Liberty to push Virginia Tech and they did so, no reason to expect our numbers are far off here. The line has lingered around 2 all week so I like that, and we’re able to get a field goal now so that’s not bad either. I do wonder if some are hitting Virginia Tech in the mindset that they shouldn’t have lost to Liberty, but we had them performing right about where that game finished after adjusting for turnovers. No reason not to go ahead and take the flier now.

Miami +3 (-110) – 1.5 % Bankroll Wager

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