2020 Navy vs Air Force

We don’t have a ton to go off on this with Air Force not playing just yet, but I’m really interested in seeing whether or not Navy fully rebounds after the big comeback against Tulane or not. We struggled giving Navy a decent bump even after the comeback win simply because there’s such a fine line between being down 24-0 at halftime and it getting even worse and finding a miracle shutout and winning 27-24. It just feels like more times than not that game finishes at the very least with Tulane winning by 7-14 points. With that said, Navy got a decent bump and we’ll see if they’re back where most thought they’d be to start the season. Air Force hasn’t played yet but we’ve dug as deep as possible on this matchup and still find Air Force winning straight up. So, with a great number being out there I see no reason we shouldn’t at the very least take a flier on Air Force.

Air Force +7 (-110) – 1 % Bankroll Wager

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