2020 South Alabama vs Louisiana

If we’re being honest this might be one of the worst weekends of college football across the board in quite some time. We had several good leans in the games that were cancelled and have lost some of that opportunity to get involved more. Because of this I think we’re going to settle on a lower volume week (three sides), lower units. It simply feels like anything additional would be forcing it. So, the first will be the play in which we have agreement across all three major models. South Alabama is getting 16 points traveling to Louisiana and it feels a tad much. I somewhat wonder if the Iowa State win Louisiana has carried a little more weight than it should have. What I mean by that is that you’ve seen it across several teams (for example Michigan) where they had great showings week 1 only to find out that was more of a fluke than we could ever imagine. I wonder if that is lingering some with Louisiana. It feels like we’ve gotten a good feel for these two teams the past few weeks and thus getting over two touchdowns warrants a flier on South Alabama in our opinion.

South Alabama +16 (-110) – 1.5 % Bankroll Wager

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