2020 USF vs Notre Dame

After watching an additional week it feels like we’ve got a better handle on teams that have actually played so we’ll keep the standard lower bet sizes on these first game or two that teams play.

I agree with most that Notre Dame didn’t look overly impressive against Duke on Saturday. With that said, I feel like good teams who struggle on offense but play well on defense tend to be more likely to improve offensively the following week. I say that knowing Duke isn’t a powerhouse either way but nor is the USF squad coming to town. USF was equally unimpressive against The Citadel winning 27-6 taking advantage of a +3 turnover margin. Even further, USF relied on running the ball for over 300 of their nearly 400 yards which is great, but it also tells me they’re not nearly balanced enough to be doing the same thing against Notre Dame. I’m typically not the one to play the large public teams but I do think there is some value after seeing USF struggle some. I don’t think there’s much harm in firing now as I don’t see it getting down to 24.

Notre Dame -26 (-110) – 1.5 % Bankroll Wager

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